“Karabash” ( work title)
work in progress.


Karabash means “black head“ in Turkic language. The city is located along the geographical border between the Urals and Siberia.
After several decades of mining copper ore and smelting copper, the city became a zone of extreme environmental pollution. Initially, there were no treatment facilities at the plant – during the Soviet times, they did not really think about ecology.

For 100 years the plant managed to burn out and pollute a huge area around itself. During the year of operation, the plant throws out more than 180 tons of gases into the atmosphere, which fall out as acid rains on the adjacent territory..
But the inhabitants of the town do not want to leave anywhere. They call Karabash a homeland and don’t want to move out from here.

A life in Karabash seems like absurd. For most people, such a decision to stay here and ignore environmental catastrophe will seem noncense, but we will try to understand why. At the center of the film: the contrast of feelings and confrontation with the basic issues of human existence. All this will be discovered through the unusual way, through the artists of Karabasch.