Siberian Love.

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 director Olga Delane, camera Nikolaj von Graevenitz, Olga Delane sound Folkbeat RF, production Doppelplusultra & Bildschoen co-production ARTE/RBB, Al Jazeera founded by nordmedia
2016, 90 min


After 20 years living in Germany the Russian German Olga Delane visit her relatives in the small sibirian village “Onon-Borzja”, 1000 km easterly from the lake Baikal.

Arrived there, she, being unmarried and free from the family responsibilities, discuss the traditional understanding of gender roles with the villager.

In her film, she puts in question her “western” view of the relationships shaped by freedom and career and compares that with the love-life of the people in Onon-Borzja and village relationships.

Olga visit herefor several years the family of her cousins Oleg and Sasha and based on these examples will show the way the traditional Siberian family works.

While Sascha, being the richest farmer, dominates not only the village, but also his three women (wife and two daughter), Oleg and Ljuba live without any romance, but cannot imagine their lives without each other.

Olga Delane records in this movie, how the understanding of gender roles was shaped in both families throughout of several generations and how these are changing now. This observation will be expanded by intimate conversations with the villager all ages and in the slightly way demonstrate an intensive film about a Siberian Love.